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Designer Life

Our Designers. Over 23 combined years of experience. We love to design and create. 

Stefani Longshamp

Lucia Arteaga


Hi everyone, my name is Lucia Arteaga. In 2020, I took my extensive knowledge and obsession with the technology world and opened my digital marketing and advertising business in Akron, Ohio. I proudly hold 3 degrees and graduated from Kent State University. My degrees include an Associate of Applied Business, Business Management- Health Services Major, degree in Associate of Arts, and Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing Major. 

Marketing is my true passion, and networking with new clients comes naturally. I enjoy listening and learning about each business, no matter the size. I strategically use my skills and knowledge to help them overcome their marketing challenges.


My end goal is to create a long-lasting working relationship and truly impact their business. 


Preston Clark


Hello, my name is Preston Clark. In 2003 I graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, majoring in Video Production with a minor in Graphic Design. In 2016, I co-founded 7th Floor Clothing LLC, a store in Akron, Ohio.


I am best known for my graphic design background, which paid off when I designed a hat later seen and worn by Lebron James. Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to partner with eBay and be featured in the Saving Main docuseries produced by American Express. I am proud to be a part of Market Me 24/7 and help assist with your marketing and design needs. 

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